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NZPTA supporting school Parent Teachers AssociationNZPTA works within the education system, to encourage parent/whanau involvement and participation to assist all children develop their talents, self-esteem and character and to ensure they have the ability to lead a full and productive life.

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Information for school parent teachers associationsGet information, influence and incentives for your PTA and School. Please join us, so you can enjoy unrestricted access to all our information to help your school.

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Give Me Five

Give Me Five supporting parent volunteers at schoolGive Me Five is a programme to help your school involve all parents and families in their child’s education. Parent and family involvement increases student success.

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NZPTA Annual Conference

NZPTA National Conference is May 15th, 16th, 17th in Christchurch.

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Just a big thank you for conference which we attended today. Once again you have all put on a wonderful array of speakers that have both inspired, angered, humoured and brought us to near tears.
NZPTA conference attendee – 2010

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