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Every school benefits from parents being involved at school, but how does your school encourage and support parents?

Joining NZPTA is a cost-effective and practical way for you to encourage and strengthen parental involvement at your school!

For your membership:

  • New member’s will receive a member’s Handbook and kit packed with useful information and resources for PTA’s
    • Roles of Officers
    • Status of Parent Raised Finance
    • Financial Management
    • How to host an AGM Meeting
    • Guidelines for dealing with conflict
    • Writing a constitution
    • The Charities Services
    • The status of parent raised finance
  • Returning members will receive updates and information
  • Have free access to all information and resources on our website
  • Receive additional electronic newsletters and information
  • Give parents a stronger collective voice in the education sector


Your school will benefit from:

  • FREE access to our resources and brochures (Limits apply)
  • Networking and development opportunities for parents
  • Practical advice and support when required
  • Newsletters
  • Annual conference


For more information about the advantages of NZPTA membership see our Information Booklet.

  • You bring the unique view, experiences and activities of your school which can be shared with others. Every school has something of value to offer.
  • You get lots of new ideas and enthusiasm by being in contact with other schools and their way of doing things.


Attend Seminars and Conferences…

We offer seminars on the roles of secretary, treasurer and chairperson, and offer information to parent groups and schools. We are also available to speak at meetings,  to offer advice and steer people in the right direction for help. Meet up with like minded PTA member’s at our annual conference, to learn the “how to” of fun raising and what information is current in the education sector of NZ.

NZPTA works with the Ministry of Education…

NZPTA also works closely with the Ministry of Education and other national education organisations so it is important that we are able to take parents’ views to these groups.

NZPTA is run by ordinary PTA people like yourselves who also see the wider perspective of educational issues in this country. It is a ‘grass roots’ organisation which has as its policy those things which the local PTA people bring to their notice. All members of the NZPTA executive team are volunteers, and are open to communication with you.

We encourage you to join us and welcome you wholeheartedly – invite us to your meeting or come along to our next conference or seminar.

Want to become a member and get all the benefits of being a member.

Then please complete our Membership Application form and we will be in touch. You can either click the green Sign Up button below or click here: (membershipform PDF 68kb) to download the membership form. You can complete this and post it in along with your cheque.  You will find our address details on the form. Alternatively, you can make your payment by direct credit and scan the form to: We will be in touch with your user ID and log in details.