Funding Applications

"Successful funding applicants are well-organised, knowledgable about the funders they apply to and persuasive about the merits of their project."

Trusts or organisations want to give money away and are looking for good projects to support. The challenge is to convince them to support your project!

Grant Myth-Busting

MYTH ... TRUTH ...
Funders are always fair. Funders are human.
The more you write, the better. Use plain language and be concise.
Ask for more, you'll get more. Avoid inflated budgets.
Funders don't talk to each other. Some have excellent networks.
Funders read everything you send. If they do, it's only a quick skim.
If you don't fit the criteria, apply anyway. Don't risk annoying the funder or wasting your time if you'll probably be turned down.
Funders are good at mind reading. Tell them everything they need to know.
Funders will follow up on missing information Some do - most don't.
Funders don't mind hard-to-read applications. If they can't read about it, they can't approve it.

Be kind to the funder and increase your chances of success!

School Fundraising money net

What funders like ...

  • Value for money
  • Clear benefit to clients and community
  • Volunteer input
  • Evidence of sound planning
  • Accountable, well-run group
  • Photographs
  • Press clippings



What funders don't like ...

  • Blank forms with "see attached"
  • Lateness
  • Incomplete applications
  • Financial Information missing
  • Wordiness
  • Illegible writing
  • Unrealistic requests
  • An "anything will help" request
  • No acknowledgement of previous year's grant


More information to help you obtain funding can be found here ...

Funding Information Service



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