Open Access to Educational Information

We, NZPTA, have been invited to be part of a delegation to an international symposium on open access to educational information. This is to be held in Australia from 10th – 14thOctober.

We will find out about the Australian programme of ‘My School’ which gives a run-down on a school which includes all aspects, including student achievement.

I’ll let you know more details when I return.

In the meantime, I would ask if you could get back to me on a few points:

  • Do you know of the Ministry of Education’s website? It includes a ‘Parents’ Portal’.
  • If so, have you explored it to find out educational information – policies, strategies, programmes (e.g. National Standards).
  • What is your opinion of what is offered? Just a few brief words will do.
  • Have you explored the Education Review Office website to see what they offer as far as information goes? What is your opinion of that information?
  • How useful are the school’s reports? Do they tell you what you want to know?
  • Have you any ideas of how they could be improved – if necessary?

I’m sorry that there is not time for a proper survey, but if you could enlighten me on what is current parent opinion I would be most grateful.

You can contact me on 0800 334 403 09 570 – 2751 or 021 101 0025 or write to me Diane O’Sullivan, President NZPTA, P O Box 62-032, Sylvia Park, Auckland 1644

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