Hi all,

I went to a launch hosted by Tracey Martin (Minister for Children, Minister of Internal Affairs, Minister for Seniors and Associate Minister of Education) and it was to launch the Parent’s Guide to Instagram in association with Netsafe.

Speeches came from Tracey, Martin Cocker CEO of Netsafe and Mia Garlick the head of Public Policy for Australasia then there was a panel of young people who talked about their activities on Instagram.

Mia talked about facts about Instagram – 300million stories, 80% outside US, bad stuff gone within 41 minutes and the actions parents can take with their young people.

The booklet is very bright and eye catching and I’ll have few for our upcoming ‘THE  MODERN PTA SEMINAR’.

It explains Instagram, and then goes on with how to:

Manage Privacy,

Manage Interactions

Manage Time

Tips for Safety

Questions to help talk with your child



It’s all on line at parents.instagram.com and netsafe.org.nz




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