We are the NZPTA

Individual parent groups such as PTA’s, Home and School, Friends and Whanau and Pasifika belong to NZPTA.  We are a grass-roots organization that has been around for over 60 years, and are keen to provide meaningful support and information to school communities for helping children to thrive.

NZPTA is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization dependent on the good will of hard-working parents and families to fill the Executive positions.  Funding for the life and future of this organization is by means of annual membership subscription, grants, advertising and sponsorship.

We have a freecall number for contact, support and help: 0800 334 403

Our mission statement:

To make every child’s potential achievable by engaging and empowering families,

Whanau, Pasifika and communities to advocate for all children of New Zealand

What we do?

  • Support parental involvement in schools
  • Inform parents of news and issues in education
  • Represent parent issues to government and other educational groups
  • Collaborate with other educational groups

Our children today face a world where the shape of the future is not clear, a world where values, lifestyles, concepts and attitudes are rapidly changing. Therefore it is essential that parents and teachers work together to help our children grow into adults who can cope with the ever-changing world.


Research shows that children do better when families are involved in and understand the schools their children are attending, and when teachers value the views and contributions of parents and whanau.
The PTA movement provides a means for parents and teachers to build a successful partnership, based on the best interests of the child (as shown above). By getting involved in the work of our local school PTA, parents, teachers and children benefit from the knowledge and insight shared. Through the PTA movement, parents have an opportunity also to become involved in the wider decision-making process of the education system.

Our Logo

The logo shows how good communication is at the core of an effective home-school partnership. Volunteering is highlighted in red because this is the type of involement PTAs usually focus on. Through volunteering, PTAs link to and support the other areas of involvement. Boards of Trustees tend to focus on the decsion-making aspects, while the Ministry of Education has a number of initatives that support greater involvement in student learning. This framework shows how all the various education groups can provide important and complimentary support for effectively engaging families in the education of their children. Let our light shine!

Our people

Jen McLean

President & Fundraising Strategist: Contact me at: president@nzpta.org.nz or fundraising@nzpta.org.nz

Emma Patrick

Treasurer: Contact me at: treasurer@nzpta.org.nz

Bex Turner

Secretary: Contact me at: secretary@nzpta.org.nz

Helen Whitcombe

Community Relations Coordinator: Contact me at: info@nzpta.org.nz

Chrissy Thoms-Hoffman

Research Assistant: You can email me at: executive@nzpta.org.nz