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The New Zealand Parent Teacher Association

We are a grass-roots organization that has been around for over 60 years providing meaningful support and information to school communities.  Anyone can join NZPTA. You can join as an individual or as part of a school group. NZPTA is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization dependent on the good will of hard-working parents and families to fill the Executive positions.  Funding for the life and future of this organization is by means of donations, grants, advertising and sponsorship.

We have a freecall number for contact, support and help: 0800 334 403

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our mission


To provide support for all NZ parent-run groups to learn, maintain, sustain and grow.

what we do

Support parental involvement in schools

It is essential that parents and teachers work together to help our children grow into adults who can cope with the ever-changing world.


The NZPTA works closely with other educational groups to achieve the best outcomes for children in the education sector.

Keep Parents Up to Date

The education sector is always changing and evolving, and we make it our job to keep parents and PTAs informed of news and issues relating to education.

Listening Ear

We are here to listen to our members and support them with issues or conflict that may arise or to answer any queries they may have in the education system.

Address Government

The NZPTA is often invited to take part in educational discussions and represent parent issues to government and other groups.

Community Support

Find us on facebook at NZPTA - Empowered Communities to connect with other members for support and ideas


Become a Member of The NZPTA

Every school benefits from parents being involved at school, but how does your school encourage and support parents?

Joining NZPTA is free and is a practical way for you to encourage and strengthen parental involvement at your school!

Who can join?

  • A board member
  • A school
  • a PTA
  • An individual

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Jen McLean

Jen stands behind the cause of NZPTA’s mission and hopes to empower all PTA’s and parent groups throughout NZ to have the information and support they need to thrive as an organization. Jen is the person you will reach at the other end of the 0800 number, and the info@nzpta.org.nz email address. Jen is keen to give you answers for your questions – and if she doesn’t have them, she will help you find them. Jen is a working mum with two young boys, and she serves as the Communications Officer on the PTA of her children’s school.
Email: president@nzpta.org.nz

Emma Patrick

Emma performs the treasurers duties for NZPTA. She is passionate about helping PTA’s find smart solutions when it comes to managing finances and implementing systems to do so. Emma is a working mum of 4 boys and also finds time to serve as Treasurer on the PTA of her children’s school.
Email: treasurer@nzpta.org.nz

Lisa Tragenza

Lisa has a background in marketing and is keen to help revitalise the NZPTA, helping us to find ways to reach more parents, remain relevant and become more accessible to our members.
Email: fundraising@nzpta.org.nz


  • 0800 33 44 03
  • info@nzpta.org.nz


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