Fundraising Opportunity – Dragon Cards

Logo210We are thrilled to welcome Statistics Learning Centre to our vibrant team.

They are offering an educational fundraiser – Dragon Cards.

Fun and for use with all the family from 7 upwards.

Have a look at their website and converse with them directly.

More details later.


More Fundraising Ideas.

Sugar Free Fundraising!

The Collateral Company produce promotional products for leading New Zealand consumer and grocery brands. Director, and ex primary school teacher, Craig Green, challenged his team to develop a product that would allow schools to raise more money, without relying on sugary products.

They devised the Fund Me Box,’ a handy carry box with a variety of practical and attractive rewards, decorated with a school’s artwork. For a donation of $2.50, your student’s family & friends can choose a reward to keep. There’s something for everyone with items like pens, tissues, lip balm, hair ties, flyers and UV ‘sun-smart’ wristbands.

Costs vary with exchange rates but, typically, gaining donations from 200 boxes could earn more than $7,000 for your school. 500 boxes could earn more than $15,000!

For more information on using the Fund Me Box for your next fundraiser, visit

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